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Tabletop game themes of travel,
maps, and cats. 

For the Lovers of Cats, Cartocat brings us Catpitals,

a geography-themed card game that engages memory skills and strategy to learn capitals of the world. The goal of the game is to win the most cards as we are directed by one of six different cats that appear on the cards. Three cats help us learn and prepare our strategy while the other three cats allow us to win cards.  It is a fast paced, interactive family friendly card game that is easy to learn, play, and love.

A clever game design makes it enjoyable to play. 

Laugh while playing and learning with friends and family, following six cats.  Who thought it could be that easy?  Playing with cats makes it possible!

Cartocat Catpitals Card Game Cats

We Love Puzzle Games, and with The Traveling Cat Game,

we learn country locations, as we place tiles of country pieces to complete different maps of the world following Ricky, the Cat.

Cartocat The Traveling Cat Game Board

Ricky goes to...

With our help, Ricky finds new places to visit.

"But, I don't know where it is."

A travel booklet guides us to locate countries by regions.    

Cartocat The Traveling Cat Game Travel Guide


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