We believe in the power of cartography

to inspire an appreciation for the regions, countries, cultures, and peoples of the world.

Through entertaining board games with tile puzzle formats and the presence of our beloved traveling cartographer Ricky, the cat, we create a playing environment for sharing and increasing our knowledge of the world.

Ricky goes to...

With your help, Ricky finds new places to visit.

"But, I don't know where it is."

A travel booklet guides you to locate countries by regions.    


Cartocat was founded to create entertaining and educational geography-themed games.  We believe that global awareness enriches our lives and inspires us to share our experiences with others.  We also recognize that engaging families in tabletop games strengthens family bonds, which encourages communication and helps families discern when a loved-one is in need of support.  Our mission is to donate 100% of our profits to organizations that support mental health awareness and bring hope to those looking after a family member with a mental health disorder.


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