New Friends

In Catpitals

With our new card game, you learn

country capitals while having fun with your friends and family.  Who thought it could be that easy?  Playing with cats makes it possible!

We believe in the power of cartography

to inspire an appreciation for the regions, countries, cultures, and peoples of the world.

With The Traveling Cat Game, you learn country locations as you travel to different regions of the world with our beloved traveling cartographer Ricky, the cat.

Ricky goes to...

With your help, Ricky finds new places to visit.

"But, I don't know where it is."

A travel booklet guides you to locate countries by regions.    


Cartocat publishes tabletop games that create relevant bonding and learning experiences for the whole family. Unlike casual entertainment and solitary games, Cartocat games include geography themes and fun cat personalities to play with, making them easy for players to engage and learn together. We recognize that increasing our awareness of the world enriches our lives, and that playing with others inspires us to share our experiences. It is our mission to support families and organizations that promote mental health awareness and advocacy.


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